Terms of Service

General Conditions

The contractual relationship and the validity of the Terms shall arise upon creating of Edjet Account or direct purchase for both parties. It is also considered a binding order service.

Edjet solution is a web-based platform provided as a Service or sold a perpetual license. Every client can receive free Trial for the period of thirty days. In the Trial period is client allowed to import and manage content, administrator, users and all items in the system. At the end of the free trial Client will be able to purchase the system or contact our team. If it doesn't happen the Trial operation will be suspended.

Providing of the service can be terminated by written notice sent to the contact e-mail. The notice period is set at 3 calendar months commencing on the first day of the month following delivery of notice to the other side.

Backup of services that provider must do no later than 14 days after the end of services will be implemented according to the range of services and to the current price list.

The providing of Edjet solution will be terminated immediately on the basis of gross misconduct of the Parties.

Terms of payment or billing policy can change at any time, under sole Edjet discretion.

You agree that the Edjet solution may includes certain communications from Edjet support department, such as service announcements, administrative messages, advertisement and the Newsletter, and that these communications are considered as a part of the Edjet solution and you will be not able to unsubscribe from their receiving.

Rights and obligations of the Provider

Provider shall establish and provide license of the system Edjet solution in the scale according to the order of the client. Provider has an obligation to manage user data and to ensure the smooth operation of the services.

The provider is obliged to protect service before service disruption, depending on the nature of provided software. In the event that gets into conflict among security solutions and range of services offered, the preferred is the safety of services.

Provider is entitled to restrict or suspend service if it averts and prevents damage to the provider, the client or third parties.

The provider is responsible only for actual damages, which causes demonstrable neglect their obligations under the order.

Compensation of any damage will be the form of discount from the price of operating fees. The compensation of the damage is limited by maximal price of the service per payment period.

The service provider undertakes to handle and store customer personal information in accordance with applicable law.

In case of interruption of service due to non-payment of client services, provider is not responsible for damage caused by the loss of user data and the loss of availability of application.

The provider is not liable for damages caused by the loss of access data.

Provider can use information submitted/entered using Sign Up form or other way into the service, including personal information, to be processed for marketing purposes. This include anonymous data processing and right to display trademark/brand of the Client on page Our Customers. This right can be individually withdrawn by individual NDA (if you do not want to be published on Our Customers page, please contact us on e-mail immediately after Sign Up action).

Rights and obligations of the Client

Client on the basis of the order and the subsequent establishment of the license Edjet solution obtains the right to use this service/license.

Client agrees to pay for the services (license, operation fees) to the Provider properly and on time.

The client is obliged to keep access data safely.

Clients are not allowed to use the service for their own activities, which would be the competitive nature of the business of the Provider, particularly to provide services under its own name and at your own risk. The establishment of such activities is considered a gross breach of terms.

Client is responsible for its users’ compliance with these Terms, is responsible for the legality of your own data and of the means by which you acquired your Data which has been made available in Edjet solution.

Client cannot use the service in a manner that would lead to infringement of rights of the provider or third parties or he could cause disadvantage other users.

Client cannot use funds provided in such a way that would gain undue advantage over other users, or in such a way that could lead to a breach or damage operation of the service. For a serious breach of duty is considered particularly user attempted breach of security, continuity of operational services and the finding an illegal content. In the case of gross breach of these obligations will be immediate termination of service/license Edjet solution without any compensation.

In case of defects in the operation of the services, client should complain immediately upon discovery of the defects to e-mail:

Late payment of cost of the service is considered a material breach of the obligations of the client.

Service price and payment terms are according to the current price list of Provider. Service price is always on the basis of the type of service/license for the period.

If in a given payment period are not guaranteed service parameters (in particular the availability of services) created by the provider, has client the right to claim a price reduction services for the period. The compensation is limited by maximal price of the service per month.